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When it comes to jobs for graduates, there are several terms you’ll come across, particularly: graduate schemes, graduate jobs and entry-level jobs. A graduate scheme is a structured training programme, normally lasting one to three years. These schemes are most often offered by large employers who hire numerous graduates every year. While a graduate scheme is time limited, the ambition is usually always for you to ‘graduate’ into a full-time role at the organisation.

A graduate job refers to any job that specifies an applicant should have a degree. Graduate jobs can be full-time, permanent positions, but it is a growing trend to be offered a fixed-term contract with a view to it becoming permanent if all goes well. You may also find temporary or part-time jobs.

You will also come across suitable jobs that match your experience level but aren’t explicitly labelled as ‘graduate jobs’. As long as you match the job description and meet any stated requirements, you can absolutely apply. You are also free to apply for an entry-level job, which is suitable for anyone with no or little work experience in that area and could also be open to school leavers. When considering an entry-level job, ensure that you aren’t selling yourself short and that it will help you on your way to achieving your long-term career ambitions.

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