Trustees Ministry

The responsibilities and duties of the Trustees consist of the following:

1. The Trustees, as a board shall, hold all property, real, personal and mixed, owned by the charge; and other such property as may be committed to their keeping.

2. The Trustees shall make the property of the church to which they are trustees available and accessible to the pastor and other duly authorized ministers of the CME Church. Trustees shall neither prevent nor interfere with the pastor in the use of the property for religious services or other proper meetings which are recognized by the law and usage of the CME Church.
3. The Trustees shall be responsible to the Quarterly Conference which shall have the power to dismiss them or to remove them as individuals or as a Board, when dismissal or removal will serve the best interest of the C.M.E. Church.

4. The Trustees shall not obligate the Church financially without the consent of the Official Board, Church Conference and/or the Quarterly Conference subject to state law.

5. No person who is a Trustee shall be dismissed or removed while in joint security for money, unless such relief is given him/her as is demanded, or the creditor will accept.

6. Failure to obey the orders of the Official Board, Church Conference, or Quarterly Conference shall mean automatic dismissal of an individual Trustee or individuals or the whole Board of Trustees.

7. The members of the Board of Trustees who are not re-elected by the Fourth Quarterly Conference are automatically removed from the Board and from acting further in such a capacity, except where state or territorial laws provide statutes to the contrary.

8. The Trustees shall present the following information to each Quarterly Conference:
a. The number of churches and parsonages.
b. The value of the churches and parsonages.
c. The other property or properties held by the charge.
d. The title(s) by which all of the above properties is/are held.
e. The amount of income that is derived from properties; and the funds

reported and turned over to the Church Conference.
f. The debts and how they were contracted.
g. The amount of insurance on each piece of property and whether the

insurance is limited or co-insured; the expiration date(s) of all

insurance premiums and the name of the company carrying the

9. The Board of Trustees shall faithfully require, by vote of Quarterly Conference and through the Presiding Elder, that all new property, purchased for use by and for the CME Church, contain the Trust Clause in all titles of deed and that all deeds clearly show that property is held IN TRUST by the local church, if incorporated, or, if unincorporated by the local Board of Trustees who are elected from time to time for use by the Connection: also, it shall require, by vote, that the local Board of Trustees shall have all existing deeds redrawn or rewritten where necessary to include the Trust Clause and clear wording showing that the property is held IN TRUST for the CME Connection by the local Board of Trustees who are duly elected from time to time according to the Discipline of the CME Church or by the local church if incorporated.

10. The Trustees shall elect their own chairperson, secretary and treasurer.