The Stewards Ministry


The responsibilities and duties of Stewards consist of the following:

1. To make, in conjunction with the Stewardesses, an estimate of appropriation for the pastor. The appropriations where practicable shall include salary, pension, travel allowance for automobile, travel expenses for meetings. Also they shall include housing and medical hospitalization.

2. To keep an accurate account of the money collected or other provisions made for the support of the ministry.

3. To keep an accurate record of money spent by the Church, for all purposes.

4. To share their ministries with the needy and the distressed by seeking them out and by providing for them.

5. To seek out the sick and to inform the pastor of those who are sick.

6. To inform the pastor of the members who are disorderly, both as to who they are and what the charges are concerning them.

7. To attend all official meetings of the church.

8. To give advice, if asked, in planning the work of the church.

9. To attend committee meetings for the application of money to churches.

10. To give counsel in matters of arbitration.

11. To provide elements for the Lord’s Supper.

12. To appoint, in cases of necessity, persons to receive contributions for the support of the church, and to receive whatever amounts of money have been collected in order to report it to the appropriate Conference or Board of the church.

13. To solicit and receive money quarterly, if necessary, and as a means for encouraging members to contribute, the Stewards may write letters to the members.

14. To make a financial report to the Quarterly Conferences so as to keep the members informed about the finances of the charge.

15. To be a Standing Committee, where there is no parsonage, to provide housing for the pastor or to assist the pastor in locating houses personally.

16. To provide for an educational paid leave for a full-time pastor in conjunction with the Stewardesses and in consultation with the pastor. A recommendation will be made to the Church Conference that it authorize and provide appropriate financial provisions for the same, which includes workshops, seminars, etc.

17. To elect their own chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

Recording Steward

The responsibilities and duties of the Recording Steward consist of the following:

1. The Pastor shall nominate in the Quarterly Conference for Recording Steward one of the persons confirmed as a steward by the Quarterly Conference. Election shall require a majority vote of the Quarterly Conference in session.

2. The Recording Steward shall preserve the records of the Quarterly Conference, where there is no office and/or storage for same.

3. The Recording Steward shall make a quarterly financial report to the Quarterly Conference and an annual financial report of the income and expenditures of the charge of which he or she is a member. The annual financial report shall be made to the Joint Board of Finance of the Annual Conference.

4. The Recording Steward shall apprise the pastor of the financial state of the church and provide him/her with written information or reports relative to the financial state when the pastor requests the same.

5. The Recording Steward shall receive from the Treasurer copies of receipts and bank deposit slips and other related informational materials.

Church Treasurer

The responsibilities and duties of the Treasurer consist of the following:

1. To receive all funds or monies collected by the local congregation through offerings, tithes, rallies, gifts, donations, conferences and bequests which are turned over to the treasurer.

2. To receive all funds or monies collected by local church organizations that are turned over to the treasurer.

3. To receipt from a receipt book all sources of all monies received.

4. To deposit all monies received in a bank or savings and loan institution selected by the church.

5. To provide the Recording Steward with copies of receipts and deposit slips.
6. To perform other duties normally related and associated with the office provided they do not conflict with the duties of other offices, nor with the Discipline of the CME Church, and such other duties as may be assigned by the Quarterly or Church Conference, the Official Board, or the pastor.