The Ministry of Christian Education

Christian Education is the ministry that engages people in the understanding of Jesus’ commandments to love God and to love neighbor. It is any activity that has the goal of edifying the church. It attempts to help persons experience life in Christ and as a result persons transmit to the world a witness of love to the world.

The CME Department of Christian Education is dedicated to helping people become biblically informed, helping people to participate in the life of the Christian community, equipping people for living responsibly in the world, and enabling persons to grow as maturing Christians in the journey of faith.

Board of Christian Education

The responsibilities and duties of the Local Board of Christian Education consist of the following:

1. To develop and promote the program of Christian nurture of the church according to the needs of the local congregation and community, and in conjunction with the programs and policies of the General Department of Christian Education.

2. To organize and administer the educational ministry and activities of the church including the Sunday Church School, Christian Youth Fellowship, Youth Adult Council, Vacation Bible School, week-day schools, training classes for new members, continuing education classes and institutes for church officers, boards and auxiliaries, etc.

3. To develop educational programs about the CME Church, its history, doctrine and policies.

4. To organize and supervise the educational ministry of the church in four (4) age levels: Children’s Division (ages 1 to 11), Youth Division (ages 12 to 17), Young Adult Division (ages 18 to 35) and Adult Division (ages 36 and above).

5. To see that the Sunday Church School, Weekday Church School, Christian Youth Fellowship and other departments of the church utilize literature and curriculum materials issued or approved by the Department of Christian Education.

6. To conduct, during the summer vacation period, a Vacation Bible School to provide Christian education programs for the children and youth of the church and community. A Superintendent, appointed by the Director, approved by the pastor and confirmed by the Board, shall be in charge.

7. To sponsor Promotion Day in accordance with the plans of the General Department of Christian Education.

8. To see that an effective ministry to the children of the church (ages 1-11) is provided.

9. To be a resource for the educational ministry of Adult Work, provided by various groups, auxiliaries, organizations, and boards of the church.

10. To see that National Youth and Young Adult Week (beginning the last Sunday in January and ending the first Sunday in February) is observed.

11. To see that special days outlined in the Discipline are observed by the Sunday Church School.

12. To organize a Committee on Scouting and, with the approval of the pastor, appoint a Scouting Coordinator.

13. To prepare an appropriate budget for the educational ministry of the church in accordance with the total stewardship program of the church developed by the pastor and officers of the church.

14. To see that the Sunday School and Christian Youth Fellowship observe the fourth Sunday in each month as Education Sunday, at which time the offering shall be taken for education. The offering should be sent to the General Department of Christian Education to be used for scholarship aid for CME college students according to the provisions of the Discipline and the Standing Committee on Christian Education.

15. The Board shall have authority to fill any office that may become vacant; and upon the recommendation of the Director and/or pastor to whom the Board has given responsibility within the educational program of the church.

General Superintendent

The responsibilities and duties of the General Superintendent consist of the following:

1. The Superintendent shall hold meetings of teachers, committees, and other groups in the interest of the Sunday Church School.

2. The Superintendent shall report to the Board on the work of the Sunday Church School and carry out the decisions of the Board that affect and relate to the Sunday Church School.

3. The Superintendent, in consultation with the pastor, shall nominate to the Quarterly Conference for confirmation Departmental Superintendents.

4. The Superintendent shall report to the Director the personnel, curriculum, facility, and material needs of the Sunday Church School as determined by the Departmental Superintendents.

What Is Involved In Christian Education?

It addresses the whole person
Helps people know how to relate to God, neighbor and creation
Every activity that attempts to spiritually uplift people
It forms and transforms people

Nurture and Formation

Helping people move toward loving God and loving neighbor.
Nurturing, teaching, equipping, preaching, encouraging for Discipleship
Formation of leaders
Formation for God’s mission