The Lay Ministry

The responsibilities and duties of the Department of Lay Ministry consist of the following:

1. This department shall be responsible for the program of lay ministry in the church in accordance with the objectives and structure outlined by the General Department of Lay Ministry.

2. Any member of the local CME Church who indicates a desire to do so may join the Department of Lay Ministry. Upon joining, such persons will be given a membership card.

3. The department shall be under the direction of a Lay Leader elected by the Lay Department membership. The Local Lay Leader shall be a member of and subject to the Quarterly Conference. The Lay Leader shall preside at department meetings.

4. The department membership shall elect the other officers.

5. The department shall establish the local chapter of the Christian Methodist Men’s Fellowship.

6. The department shall submit a written report to the District Lay Department.

7. The department must observe National Lay Day.

8. The membership of the Lay Department shall elect delegates to the National Lay Institute.