Stewardesses Ministry

The responsibilities and duties of the Stewardesses consist of the following:

1. To serve the table of the Lord.

2. To serve the table of the poor.

3. To serve the table of the ministry.

4. To assist in collecting the General Funds.

5. To assist in collecting the salaries of the Presiding Elder and the Pastor.

6. To make, in conjunction with the Board of Stewards, an estimate of appropriations for the pastor. The appropriations, where practicable, shall include salary, pension, travel allowance for automobile, and travel expenses for meetings. Also, they shall include housing and medical-hospitalization.
7. To provide for an educational paid leave for full-time pastor in conjunction with the stewards and in consultation with the pastor. A recommendation will be made to the Church Conference that it authorize and provide appropriate financial provisions for the same, which includes workshops, seminars, etc.

8. To do other work as may be assigned to them by the pastor or Board of Stewards.

9. To elect their own chairperson, secretary and treasurer.