Ten Reasons to Follow Christ

1. He is credible. Jesus’ followers saw his blameless life, listened to his incomparable teachings and concluded, “we have come to believe and know that you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God” (John 6:69).

2. He is the focus of a historically reliable book. The Bible’s historical record is supported by archaeology. Its preservation from textual corruption has been confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls.

3. He tells us about the creator. Christ reveals a God who cares as much about His creation as the design and detail of the world indicates (Psalm 19:1-6; Romans 1:16-25).

4. He has ties to the past. Those who trust Christ are accepting the same Lord worshiped by Adam., Abraham, Sarah, and Solomon. He is the Messiah who was anticipated by the Old Testament prophets (Acts 2:22-39).

5. He rose from the grave. The first Christians risked their lives to tell the world that they had seen Jesus die and then miraculously walk among them three days later (Acts 5:17-42).

6. He has power to change lives. Paul, one of the worst enemies of the first disciples was transformed from a killer of Christians to one of the chief advocates and spokesmen (Galatians 1:11-24).

7. He understands our hearts. Many people believe that our problems are rooted in ignorance, poverty,and bad government. But Jesus pointed to the sin in the heart (Matthew 15:19-20).

8. He knows where history is heading. In spite of man’s high hopes and efforts, the world is approaching a terrible end as predicted in the Bible (Matthew 24:5-31 & Timothy 3:1-5).

9. He has changed the world. Calendars bear silent witness to Jesus’ birth. Basic Christian values have been the foundation to social morality the work ethic, and social relief efforts.

10. He has the answer to our deepest need. We can find forgiveness and be adopted into the family of God by trusting Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9-13). Christ asks us to follow Him – not to merit salvation but as an expression of gratitude, love and confidence in the one who has saved us (Ephesians 2:8-10).

The first step to receiving abundant life in Christ is to admit that we need it, Christ died that sinners might have life and have it more abundantly.